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Item # Description Qty Item Price US$
57-00282018 SpurGear m0.7 t18 bore4H9 Hostaform Maedler282018 510 0.90
57-00282090 SpurGear m0.7 t90 bore10H9 Hostaform Maedler282090 92 1.00
57-01008000 HEATER ELEMENT 11V/15W 2 23.37
57-12240000 SPEAKER 140-Ohm MINI PCB 12MM 2.4KHZ CUI CEM-1212S DIGIK 102-1156-ND 25 1.86
57-14850000 CABLE GLAND PG11 Nickle plated BRASS 1/2" NPT .23-.47" 2 5.68
57-27750002 ACCESS SCHRADER VALVE 1/4IN OD - 1/8 MPT MSC# 56546260 Zoro G4732427 63 4.94
57-351552103 Rubber Domes Sheet, 122, KeyTronic 94474, for keyboard 00-31-5521-0001 66 7.05

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