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Flexible and scalable manufacturing from prototype to mass production.

Manufacturing "In the Region For the Region"

ISO9001:2015 Quality System


Nextus, Inc. is committed to quality, reliability, on-time delivery, competitive pricing and customer service. We offer turnkey manufacturing or consigned build solutions from concept to delivery. From prototype to production runs in the thousands.

In addition to contract manufacturing, we also offer the following services:
  • Laser Marking of Plastic or Metal

    CO2 and Fiber laser marking machines with a bed size of 48' x 24', for large items such as medical instruments and panels as well as glass, wood, plastic, aluminum and stainless engraving on flat or spherical surfaces.
  • Custom Gaskets

    Fast prototype service for gaskets of almost any material as well as mass production. Send us your drawing (.dfx) and get a quote.
  • Sheet Metal Work

    using state-of-the-art machinery that includes a 4kW Laser Cutter, Welding Robots, 120 Ton CNC Press-Break, flexible sheet metal fabrication and engineering facility capable of high volume, small batch and one-off production within a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 environment.
  • Powder Coating

    in-house powder coating allows us to coat after fabrication giving the best protection for devices that have to operate under harsh environmental conditions.
  • General Machining

    CNC Lathe with "C" Axis, 4-Axis CNC Milling Centers. Using Autodesk Inventor, we can perform complex milling and drilling work, cut shapes from a wide variety of materials.
  • Robotic Welding Service

    for Stainless, Steel and Aluminium housings.
  • Electronic Assembly

    Assembly, test and burn-in, as well as managing the procurement of raw materials or consignment. From thru-hole to surface mount, from cable assembly to mechanical assembly, Nextus can meet your circuit board manufacturing needs.
  • Transformer and Inductor Winding

    We make our own bobbins and have winding machines for small inductors and transformers.
Using modern manufacturing equipment, Nextus offers leading edge capabilities that translate into quality products and quick turnaround. Since 1986, Nextus is providing manufacturing and design services, in Texas for North and South America as well as Burgess Hill, UK for Europe, Arabia and Asia.

Contact us at for additional information on any of our services.
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